Alumni Association of SSE RIGA currently unites around 2000 graduates of BSc and EMBA programs hosted by the school. Annual Fund raising campaign has been a tradition for many years and our Alumni community has proved to the world to be among the most active donators with highest participation rates. In recent years we have managed to encourage almost 40% of graduates to give back to the school with an average donation being close to 200 EUR. Recent questionnaire showed that more than 60% of alumni are ready to contribute funds to the benefit of current students.

The Fund raising campaign this year will consist of 4 steps. First of all Find & Fund the best match among the candidates in just 3 easy steps and do not forget to share the fact that You have been matched with a young talent who will be thankful for Your support.

Secondly this year we Alumni Association are organizing Riga Economic and Business Forum which first of all serves as a platform to meet and network, but it also brings AA to a completely new league of opinion leaders in Baltics. The proceeds from supporters and participants of the Forum will be distributed in scholarships.

On the evening of 4th of November Biblioteka nr1 will host the first ever Gala Dinner in the 22 year long history of the SSE Riga the President's Dinner. This event which we plan to become the major event of HoCo will be both a start of new tradition and also a part of Fundraising. Again the proceeds of this event will be distributed to the students

The last but not least is the HoCo event at SSE Riga.