Our goals

We have decided to go for challenging goals in 2016 Find & Fund campaign.

First of all we want to double the amount of funds raised within the best campaigns ever, increase the number of donators and also average donation per alumnus. The total budget we are after is 300 000 EUR, best case scenario it would be 1000 alumnus with an average of 300 EUR donation.

Achievement of the goal would give us the opportunity to distribute 30 scholarships, 20 to Year 1 students and 10 to the best Year 2 students.

This time the scholarship distribution model is completely different in order to enhance the results of the scholarship system. Every student currently selected for the scholarships is an applicant. The scholarship for every year of studies will be paid out only after delivering satisfactory academic results, showing significant leadership skills and involvement in extracurricular activities. Our scholarships is not a free of charge gift it must be considered as a financial incentive for outstanding performance.